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Open Positions:
Director of Contemporary Music Ministries



MINISTRY TITLE:          Director of Contemporary Music Ministries

          Part Time, Salaried Employee



  • To direct Christ Lutheran Church’s praise band and encourage the establishment of additional musical groups.
  • To encourage soloists and other musicians to participate in worship.
  • To coordinate the contemporary music ministry in the congregation.


   The person filling this position will be:

  • one who has organizational skills and administrative abilities.
  • one who possesses positive people skills
  • one who has and exhibits a commitment to the programs and ministries of Christ Lutheran Church.
  • one who possesses experience in music direction and performance,
  • one who has a broad range of musical talent and abilities 

   The person shall be committed to:

  1. Regular worship attendance
  2. Regular prayer and devotional life
  3. Continuing education and Christian growth
  4. Financial support of Christ Lutheran Church


  1. The Senior Pastor, or his designee, shall be the immediate supervisor.
  2. Relate to the Worship Ministry Area for the purpose of communicating and budgeting purposes.
  3. Personnel Relationships: 
    1. Any issue not resolvable through normal staff relations shall be referred to the Vice-President of the congregation or to the Personnel Ministry Team for review.
    2. New hire shall have an initial review ninety(90) days after start of employment.


  1. Assist the congregation in a varied and meaningful worship experience by utilizing all available avenues and resources of musical participation and selection.
  2. Develop and maintain the contemporary musical ministry of the church.
  3. Schedule worship appearances. 
  4. Select worship songs for our contemporary service. Music choices will be reviewed for appropriateness and purchased according to the budget of the Board of Worship and Music and the Church's purchasing procedures.
  5. Oversee selection of contemporary music within budget limitations and pastoral direction.
  6. Coordinate all musical activities with the praise band and other contemporary musical groups.
  7.  Schedule special presentations by musical groups and individuals.  Communicate this schedule to all persons involved, such as musicians, instrumentalists, pastors, office staff, etc. Publicize these presentations and concerts.
  8.  Assist the Worship Area coordinator in preparing the annual budget.
  9.  Participate in worship planning sessions.

Support Received:

  1. Salary
  2. Prayer Support
  3. Staff support and encouragement as part of Christ Lutheran Church's ministry team
  4. Continuing educational opportunities appropriate to the ministry tasks
  5. Adequate guidance and direction to achieve the goals of the music ministry
  6. An atmosphere of Christian love and support by the congregation